Monitor Memory usage of Linux Machine with Python Code


Have you ever tried any Remote Server as Backend Server for web projects or do you use Linux for Personal use? If not, then this is the right time to switch from poor shared hosting providers, although few are good but, it is better to have full-fledged access onto our server which includes SSH, Root access, private VPN service and what not. Thanks to competition in Cloud hosting providers, at the cost of shared hosting we can get a faster cloud instance, or VPS, which can be scaled up later as in when needed. Private Virtual Server gives us a lot of dev power and administrators should take utmost care while performing any tasks.

Development Process

Since the inception of Cloud computing, and crucial players like AWS and DigitalOcean have made it simpler to deploy a server with just a few clicks and moreover the burden of maintaining Hardware and excessive power bills is removed.

If you happen to be a Backend Web Developer and on a low resource Virtual machine, you’d definitely want to see what background processes are running and consuming resources.

On the Windows Server Edition Operating System, it’d be handy to monitor the processes and applications with Task Manager System Application, but the fact that Linux being lightweight and widely used Operating System for servers can’t be neglected.

Personally, I use the OpenLiteSpeed web server with Apache, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin for other WordPress sites that I run on a $5 DigitalOcean Droplet. For which I get 1GB RAM, 1CPU, and 25GB SSD and this is enough for me to have 2 WordPress sites and OpenVPN Private Server.

If you’re using MySQL and have more web content to serve to the increasing visitors, then it’d be better if you upgrade the server resources and it’s a simple process though.

Memory Usage on DigitalOcean

The code snippet can be helpful only in showing available memory which refreshes every 5 seconds.

watch -n 5 free -m

Alternatively, the Python script which is capable of categorizing the memory usage and also displays the Program names in increasing order of their RAM Consumption.

Open Terminal on VM using either SSH/ PuTTY (Windows) or with direct web Console access provided by Cloud Vendor. If you are on local Linux machine to connect VM with SSH, Open Terminal on Debian/Ubuntu Ctrl + Alt + T and type

ssh username@hostname

this will prompt for the password and once done with this step.

wget -c -O /path/where/you/wish/to/download/

Change the file Permission to Executable with command

chmod +x /path/to/script/
Memory Consumption on LINUX
Python Script Output for RAM Resource Consumption

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